Security and Surveillance

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  • Time Attendance Systems
    • 3D touch less and touch based biometric solutions
    • Mobile readers suitable for remote offices
    • Card based readers: Smart card, RFID, Proximity, Mifare etc.
    • Connectivity options: TCP/IP, WiFi, USB, Modem, Serial
    • Windows and web  based TA solutions
    • Integration to HR and Payroll systems
  • Access Control Systems
    • Single door to Enterprise class and all types in between
    • Integration with badging, video, telephone entry and biometrics
  • CCTV solutions
    • Designed to complement the manpower security and/ or function independently
    • The systems assist in surveillance and movement control even in rough weathers and odd hours. All the systems offered are future proof, capable of expanding and upgrading from time to time
  • ID card systemsYour personal specifications can be easily met with our time-and-cost-efficient packages which include the highest-quality ID card software, printers and supplies on the market. We help you select the right combination of printers and software that will efficiently enable you to create:
    • Employee ID badges
    • Student ID cards
    • Membership cards
    • Gift cards etc.
  • Audio/Video Intercom Systems
    • No matter whether you require a simple one-to-one residential system, or need a system for a high-rise, multi-tenant apartment building with thousands of units, Helles Gruen will have a system to suit your needs
  • License Plate Recognition System
    • Automatic number plate recognition is a unique, patented approach that automatically detects the presence of any vehicle in its field of view, captures an image containing the license plate, locates it and identifies the corresponding number and location
    • The system can read all types of license plates: retro-reflective, non-retro-reflective, embossed, flat etc.
  • Full height and half height turnstiles
    • A modern design combined with several options allows our turnstiles to be customised and  adapted to the specific requirements and locations where they will be installed
    • Turnstiles can serve a wide range of residential and commercial applications – Gyms, schools and public transportation companies etc.
  • Road blockers , bollards and gate barriers
    • Automatic bollards are designed to control access in public and private areas to regulate traffic fluidity in urban and pedestrian zones and to guarantee  the anti-terrorism security at embassies, military zones, police stations, banks and other such vulnerable places
    • Helles Gruen offers a complete line of Gate Barriers and Parking Equipment that comply with international safety standards and designed to offer maximum reliability, efficient operation and easy maintenance.
      We provide superior customized systems to meet our customers’ specific needs combined with installation and after sales services that ensures continuous customer satisfaction.
    • Gate Barriers and Parking Equipment can operate as stand-alone units or can be networked providing a complete parking and access control solution.
  • Perimeter Protection
    • Integrated perimeter protection solutions  for critical infrastructure like power plants, nuclear plants, military establishments, airports etc using Laser beams,  Photo beams, Infrared technologies, Fiber optic systems, Buries sensors, Microwave etc
  • Integration platform for PSIM – Physical Security Integration Management
    A platform that provides a base for multiple systems to work together, operate and communicate. A complete PSIM capability includes:

    • Collection:  collects data from any number of separate security devices or systems to a Centralize DataBase
    • Analysis:  analyses and correlates  the data, events and alarms, to identify the real situations and their priority
    • Verification:  PSIM software presents the relevant situation information in a quick and easily-digestible format for an operator to verify the situation
    • Resolution:  Standard Operating Procedures, step-by-step instructions based on best practices and an organization’s policies, and tools to resolve the situation
    • Audit trail/log: PSIM also monitors how each operator interacts with the system, tracks any manual changes to security systems and calculates reaction times for each event