Application Software

June 15, 2014 By admin 0

While there is a multitude of bus and software technologies available for you to choose for your control and automation application, you should have the freedom to choose the best technologies based on your specific application needs. Your software choice should not be constrained by your hardware choice and vice versa.

While new hardware technologies are emerging on a daily basis as viable options for device control and automation, other more mature reliable technologies are also still available on the market.

The key to taking advantage of the new technologies while maintaining your investment in your existing technologies is to rely on a layered software architecture that provides robust application development environments, instrument drivers, direct I/O capabilities, and powerful, multibus I/O software and utilities. Gruen delivers the most flexible control software and hardware tools applying optimized industry-standard Application development environments, the broadest selection of control, measurement and automation hardware using a comprehensive library of instrument drivers.